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What is a wire connector?


2022-09-28 15:10

  What is a wire connector Wire connector type

  Wire connector is actually a wire connector, we have seen a lot of wire accidents, part of the wire overload caused by the use of the The other part of the problem is caused by a loose wire connector. So, although the wire connector is small, but in the circuit engineering plays an extremely important role.

  We have seen a lot of wire accidents, some of which are caused by overloading the wire, and some of which are caused by loose wire connectors. Caused by. The connector in the wire box doesn't pay the code, the wire is not under load, nothing happens, and as soon as you push on the circuit breaker, it trips. And the wire junction box will "pop" a few sounds of fire, and then tripped sound, this phenomenon is all due to, wire Connector is not standardized, voltage under load, caused by poor contact.

  Plug-in wire connector material introduction

  Insulation material (shell): nylon 66 (resistance to leakage current breakdown ability, elasticity, rigidity, corrosion resistance, environmental protection and halogen-free). Formaldehyde. Temperature -35℃-105℃).

  2. Pressure reed material: steel (cold stamping (stamping die installed in the press to process the material) processing, high precision, no burr. Repeated use can maintain elasticity, tensile and corrosion resistance, and increase the wire plugging anti-wear ability).

  3. Contact material: thickened electrolytic copper + tin (excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, ductility, corrosion resistance, to prevent contact heating). .

  4. Contact point coating: tin plating (corrosion resistance, not easy oxidation, good airtightness). 

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